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If you need advice and assistance on any aspect of UK Immigration Law, whether you are trying to find your way through the UK visa process or trying to regularise your immigration status from inside the UK you need an expert immigration solicitor.  

You need Warren Grant. 


Brexit Blues?

Are you worried about BREXIT?   Can you apply for EEA Permanent Residence?  Are you a qualified person?  What about your family members?  Can they apply for EEA Permanent Residence in line with you?  Warren Grant will advise you and he will assist you to complete the forms and to provide the Home Office with the evidence which will enable you to comply with the EEA Regulations.  Will you have to surrender your national passport and your national identity card?   Warren Grant will advise you how you can keep your passport and your identity card or how to ensure that your passport and your identity card are returned to you if you need to travel.